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We appreciate the support we received from our community that helped us through our 8 years in FIRST.   21 students over 8 years, 4 trips to World Championship events,             1 as a FIRST LEGO League team – and an amazing 3 times as FIRST Tech Challenge  World Championship Award Finalists in multiple categories!   

We are proud to have established FIRST Tech Challenge robotics in Central New York  with the help of Hudson Valley FTC @ Pace University and SUNY Polytechnic Institute.                   

None of it would have happened without the great people who believed in us!

Join us as we fly in a new direction to help support our area’s emerging drone technology employment pipeline with a new low-cost, STEM-based team drone competition, drone clinics, demonstrations and workshops that will help even more students!

Our Background in Drones

Since we started discovering drones (3 years ago now) we’ve been promoting their safe use and helping establish a new local competition that will likely attract FIRST teams on the off-season  — and engineering-minded people of all ages in our community.  We’ve been reusing a great deal of our equipment and supplies to help kick-start CNY Drones, so more kids can get involved and stay involved in great STEM activities at a low cost.  A great deal of cross-promotion has happened in the process.  We’re still out there promoting FIRST – offering support to teams, keeping in touch with old contacts and answering questions on how to get started in robotics.  We’re honored that people still see us as a go-to source for information!

Check out what we’re doing now at our volunteer supported site:

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We continue to fundraise for CNY Drones events under the Griffiss Institute, Rome, NY, our gracious fiscal agents.

Our events currently include a new great low-cost STEM-Based Drone Challenge and it’s related Drone Clinics, workshops, demonstrations, meet-ups, and Drone Informational Day.  We also host an informational hub consisting of a website and social media accounts. Volunteers fro the local drone community plan and run everything.

If you’d like a demonstration at your facility – contact us!  We’re sending out volunteers all the time!  We now have a number of portable drone cage set-ups that allow us flexibility in providing demonstrations, workshops and competitions.

 For more information on donating to our STEM-based drone program contact Lisa & Bob Payne via:

Your Support Is Always Appreciated!