logo - enableThe great people we met during the National Maker Faire gave us a mission that we were eager to take on for the 2015-2016 FTC Season.  We not only established ourselves as local e-NABLE contacts, we also created a great collaborative project with 20 FTC teams and 25+ college students that produced testing strategies, production line processes and collaboration guidelines for other teams and colleges to try.   Our coaches were honored to be a part of a meeting with Dean Kamen and John Schull at the 2016 FIRST Championship to help kick-start even more team involvement.  Three of our team’s prosthetic hands were turned over to Dean Kamen to help promote e-NABLE within FIRST.




Hands printed by generous FTC Teams

If your FIRST Tech Challenge team is interested in donating your time to a great cause while networking internationally – contact us:  RoboSpartans4082@gmail.com  We’d be happy to help you get started!

“Helping Hands” Project Photos (On Facebook)

News Coverage – Lending A Helping Hand (WUTR – Utica, NY)

e-nable update 1-26-16


Printed with the Cube 3



Finishing up our 1st hand


Our completed prototype of Raptor Reloaded (by e-Nable) sent for approval on 7/14/15 IS  APPROVED.  Next, we get paired with someone in need.









Our first try at Cyborg Beast (by Jorge Zuniga on Thingaverse)

K-1 in CubePro

Here’s our first try at printing a K-1. Very cool as all parts are printed at once!