Drone Design

Recently, team members started focusing on Tiny Whoops and started perfecting other available designs to come up with a better light-weight frame.

Daniel Michaels – Former FTC Programmer & Driver

Drone design by Dan



Examples of RoboSpartans Designed Robot Parts 

Ryan Payne – Former FTC Lead Designer, Builder & Driver

Ryan’s Designs on 

  • Tetrix Sprocket Guards Thing: 989291
  • Linear Slides 20 mm. Thing: 990605
  • Sensor Adapter Thing: 1000503

Sample parts designed by Ryan


Initial pawl & ratchet design in corrugated plastic


Completed design using RoboSpartan colors and helmet flourish


thumb_IMG_1408_1024thumb_Resized_20160409_204821(1)_1024  thumb_thumb_IMG_1404_1024_1024 Ratchet

Additional designs by Ryan (Google Drive Folder)

Douglas Hotvedt – Former Programmer & Driver

Part design by Douglas

thumb_IMG_1214_1024   thumb_IMG_1395_1024