Leonidas 2014-2015

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Did I mention that my modular design was dreamed up and created entirely by our high school team members? No inside the box thinking — so I don’t look like one. I’ve just been getting better with age! I don’t think the team will be getting rid of me any time soon! I’m just too much fun!


At the AK5K charity walk & run in honor of Alexandra Kogut 10-11-15


Leonidas I –  in mini-LEGO form



Here I am with my predecessors. I can’t believe they waited this long to make someone with personality!


“Don’t judge me because I’m beautiful – no wait, that must be why you are here.”

In my younger days I worked like this…


meetin little leo

Hey there little one. Someday this could all be yours!




fans for leo

“My fans, my fans, I must have my fans!”

leo pins

Pin trading for Worlds!

leo at mvcc

“I like hanging with the college crowd.”

“Getting ready for a road trip to St. Louis with my team! Be sure to visit me in the 4082 Pit”

This is a video me just before my 2.0 overhaul for the East Super Regional.  After just a few tweaks and some strategic practice for my drive teams,  I’m ready for Worlds with my 3.0 updates – dual conveyor, perfected autonomous and improved game strategy!  Watch out!

Leonidas Skull by Ryan Payne

“For those who would like a little copy of me.”

It was one heck of a year!