We are honored to be an Actobotics Team!


In the summer of 2015, we worked with ACTOBOTICS for the first time.

Most of our robot, Laconicus, is made of ACTOBOTICS parts.


We started working with samples of ACTOBOTICS we received after the 2015 FTC World Championship — we’ve been hooked ever since.  We’re finding the system to be extremely versatile.  It works easily with our existing building supplies.   We were already fans of the reasonable prices and incredible service from ServoCity.  Support is top-notch!

If you haven’t tried ACTOBOTICS, you’re missing out.

Be sure to check out their many social media giveaways from ServoCity!

Check out our Laconicus Fan Page.

Scooter Demo Project

acto-build 2 acto-build 1


We demonstrated our scooter at the Boilermaker Road Race Expo on Saturday, July 11th at the MVCC Field House in Utica, NY.  

Youtube Channel:  RoboSpartans

Holonomic Drive Demo Bot