3D Printing

logo 3d systemsWe’ve used 3D Printing as a key tool to train team members in CAD, create unique parts for our robots, and promoting STEM in our community.  3D Printing Systems has believed in us since March 2013 when we introduced them to FIRST and brought a Cube 1 to the FTC World Championship that April.  We do what we can to share everything we know about their products!

Our goals – team growth and increased STEM awareness.


Examples of our many 3D printed designs

4082pithuddle1 copy


Check out this great article about our team on Cubify.com:

RoboSpartans Think Outside the Bot with EKOCYCLE


Learning CAD






URRF rocket launched


In the video below, RoboSpartan Tim, shares his creation at the Upstate Research Rocketry Festival in June of 2014.  Tim came to the team with no previous experience in CAD or 3D Printing.  Unfortunately, the date we picked to attend the 2015 LDRS34 (URRF) event this June was a washout.

IMG_5382 copy

We share what we make with other FIRST teams.  Here’s a wheel decoration we created for the Mohonbots FTC 4107 Team’s robot before their trip to the World Championship in 2014.  We didn’t make it to Worlds that year, but we were certainly there in spirit!


This past season we shared our design for linear slides which Mohon was able to modify to fit their extruded aluminum lift system.



7194 help 1

We also shared it with our neighboring team, 7094 The Basementalists.

7094 finished 7094 printing

Helping out FTC 7094 with adapting our linear slide design for their robot.

Engineers Demo



Sharing our 3D Printer knowledge with area engineers at the Mohawk Valley Engineers Executive Council Technology Awards Banquet.

Bartell Machinery Systems



Sharing with engineers at our sponsor, Bartell Machinery Systems, Inc. in Rome, NY


IMG_8033More team projects –

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Drone Development Photo Gallery