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We’re RoboSpartans Robotics!   We challenge you to connect, compete and inspire in your community & Worldwide!  We’re flying in a new direction to help support our area’s emerging drone technology employment pipeline!

As FIRST Alumni & advocates, we’re committed to helping expand all types of fun STEM opportunities.   We’re spreading the word about the vast possibilities for our area with upcoming STEM-based drone competitions!

logo location 1In January 2016, we founded CNY Drones with some great new friends and the support from community organizations supporting STEM.  We’ve been organizing of our area’s drone enthusiasts – planning STEM-based competitions, established a Model Aviation Student Club through the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and a new MultiGP Chapter  — all available to robotics alumni, teams looking for off-season activities, students with a targeted interest in drones & our engineering-minded friends.   Watch us, as we continue to raise the bar in Central New York and the World with our new projects!

Check out CNY Drones as we continue to break new ground with a volunteer group, promoting STEM-based drone events & establishing a local info hub!

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– learning, sharing & having fun with STEM! –  Lisa Payne

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